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Topic Area 1A - Energy Storage Utilizing High Temperature

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005
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  • Original Grant - Apr 7, 2005
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May 19, 2005

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Area of Interest 1A Energy Storage Utilizing High
Temperature Electrochemical

In addition to power generation, electrochemical principles embodied in
cell architectures are applicable to energy storage technologies. Fuel
architectures enable larger scale and longer term energy storage than
achievable using existing technologies. Availability of such energy
technology would permit central peaking and load leveling using abundant
inexpensive coal without the need to consume more expensive fuels during
periods. This should also avoid, reduce the need for central generation
plants to consume fuels such as natural gas during periods of high fossil
usage during cold winter periods when residential demand is highest for

Applications are solicited for research and development of innovative
that substantially improve the energy storage capabilities and cost of high

temperature energy storage systems based on fuel cell architectures. High
temperature electrochemical base energy storage concepts are sought that
utilities to use coal-based power plants to meet variable daily peak load
demands at a cost of electricity (COE) 25 percent lower than current
alternatives for satisfying peak power and load leveling requirements.
storage and conversion roundtrip efficiencies of at least 60 percent are
expected for stand alone systems, with greater overall efficiency attained
through integration with other high temperature power generation systems.
Concepts developed at lab-scale must be scalable for use in large central
or distributed generation. Proposed concepts and technologies must be
consistent with the zero to near zero pollution emission and environmental
hazard goals of the FutureGen, Climate Change and Clear Skies programs,
including end of life disposal.

Viable high temperature storage technologies, when integrated with other
temperature power generation systems, must be capable of achieving a
commercially viable cost at annual production quantities of at least 250MW
capacity. The cost per kilowatt capacity at such production volumes and
considering viable technical performance targets must be capable of
achieving a
capital cost of 350 dollars per kW.

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Fossil Energy Research and Development

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If you have problems accessing the full announcement, please contact: Raymond Johnson

Address Info:

U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology
Laboratory, 3610 Collins Ferry Road (MS-I07) P.O. Box 880 Morgantown, WV

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